Securing a job of your dream is not always an easy experience. Despite having excellent academic qualifications, you require good job references who can validate your skills, experience, and character. Many people have had high hopes of securing jobs due to their outstanding academic performance but fail to get hired due to a lack of proper job references. This is the reason that you can’t ignore the importance of getting good people to use as your job reference.

Below is a list of top people you should use a job reference:

Past Bosses and Managers

The best person who knows your capability is someone who has ever supervised you in your past jobs. It would help if you used a former boss, departmental head, or direct supervisor in your job reference as they can prove your value to the team. Remember, the absence of former bosses in your job reference may raise some questions.

Former Volunteer and Internship Agencies

You must include direct supervisors of an organization you have volunteered in the past or served under internship. Such references may give the best reference about your professionalism and diligence as they appreciate the services you offered to their institutions. Most employers are happy to work with people who have ever volunteered as they know they will give their best upon hiring.

Faculty Professors

If you recently graduated from college or university, you should consider including your favorite professor as a job reference. Employers are much persuaded by the information they get about you from your college professors. However, the faculty professor in the job reference list must have interacted with you to know you personally.

Colleagues and Co-Workers

Your closest colleague or co-worker is the best person to give as a job reference. It may either be a current co-worker or a former colleague. Colleagues have first-hand experience with your work ethos, skills, and job efficiency. However, it would help if you got a colleague you interact with well and not colleagues with bad intentions.

There are people you can’t use in your job reference since they might make you miss the opportunity to get hired in your dream job. Such people to be omitted in your list include anyone who may have fired you in the past, family members, roommates, anyone not expecting a call, anyone who doesn’t know you well, and any person you hadn’t been in contact with for some time. Good luck with your interview!