Travel Nursing with a Family Can be Rewarding - Therapia Staffing

Have you thought about spending time in Hawaii or Alaska or Arizona? And getting paid for it? Work five days a week and have two days to explore and enjoy the new countryside. Sounds great. If you’re single and unattached, it’s easy.

But what if you have a spouse and children? Things get complicated. What about your partner’s job? What about the kids’ schooling?

Yet travel nursing with a family is not only possible, it can even be fun. How?

The key is planning: how much and what to pack, the location, housing, schooling, and especially activities.

  • Packing – Try to keep your clothes to a minimum, only what you need. When it comes to the kids, however, packing becomes complex. Besides their clothes (there can be a lot of clothes), there are toys, bikes, games, high chair, books, and that precious blanket. You’ll probably need a U-Haul trailer or a large SUV.
  • Location – Spend some time thinking about where you want to go. Remember to include your spouse and the kids in that decision. One large factor these days is the safety of your family. Chicago, Detroit, NYC should be off the list for the moment. You also should look at whether the community has defunded or is about to defund their police department.
  • Getting there – Going on a long trip with kids can be painful. If you haven’t heard the refrain “Are we there yet?”, you will. Driving at night may be helpful if the kids will sleep. You should plan for extra time between home and your destination. Spend that time stopping at interesting places along the way, specifically places the kids will love. Their attitude will improve.
  • Schooling – Home schooling is the simplest way if one spouse is not working. Use your location for field trips and education. Take the kids to museums, art galleries, and local educational sites.
  • Activities – Check out the city on-line. Use Meet-up. Find pools, beaches, parks, any sites your kids might be interested in.

Your children will find friends and you will, too. Enjoy your assignment. See as much as you can. Your children will gain confidence as they adjust to new places and people. They will learn about their country. It takes extra time and effort, but your family can grow together and have experiences they’ll never forget.