Working in the health field requires its own set of skills. Surprisingly enough, any one of these skills could qualify for any job in the health field. Let’s take a closer look at what a therapy recruiter looks for in a candidate.

Language Barrier

It is not enough to hold basic communication skills. I mean, a lot of health professionals can do that. What many health professionals need is to break down communication barriers. Not all patients speak English. Some of them speak more than one language. Did you know that for many patients English is considered their second language?

That means the recruiter is looking for someone who knows more than just the basics of language. A staff that holds those advanced skills is considered to be a step above the rest of the pack. Those who can speak different languages and can speak coherently with patients from various backgrounds are very high in demand. The therapy recruiter will pick you.


Flexibility counts nowadays. It used to be that candidates that had more than ten months’ experience were more valuable than those starting. Everything had changed now in the recruiting world.

Say, for example, there are two candidates the therapy recruiter has to look over. One is rigid and only available during certain hours on certain days. The other has a more accommodating schedule. The person with the accomodating schedule is willing to travel to be with a patient. That is the one the recruiter will choose.

Let’s say the person is also willing to work per diem, which is a rarity in some cases now. That person is going to be the preferred choice above the others. That also works in favor of a therapy recruiter who is just starting their career.

Those two things also count as experience these days. That is why it is suggested to people who are more rigid to rethink the process. The recruiter is going to choose you above the others.

All we are saying is that those two things are going to get your foot in the door much faster compared to other characteristics.


How are you during the interview process? The recruiter wants someone who walks, talks, and dresses like a professional. Be polite, and do not speak out of turn. Professionalism will always count.