What is ABA Therapy for Autistic Students - Therapia Staffing

Autism can be a confusing diagnosis for parents and caregivers alike, so it’s important they begin advocating for their child and finding the appropriate care based on age and form of autism. Since each child with autism has different needs and abilities, there’s no one size fits all treatment. The top tier therapy for autistic children is applied behavior analysis, also known as ABA therapy.

When ABA therapy is started at a young age, it can be very effective. Under the IDEA act, ABA therapy has to be offered in a school setting for students who need it. ABA therapy focuses on behavior and how different environments affect how a child with autism will react. First written about in the 1980s, applied behavior analysis is one of the most widely accepted forms of therapy for autistic children.

For ABA therapy, a child will work one on one with a therapist during school and at home to achieve optimal results. If done correctly and extensively, applied behavior analysis can improve behavior, communication skills, and the IQ of autistic children. ABA therapy creates an individualized plan to assist children, rather than following a generalized step by step process. Regular meetings with parents to discuss a child’s progress are imperative to the success of ABA therapy. There are many places for parents to receive information about their child’s diagnosis and treatment options, but it’s up to the ABA therapist to refer them reliable sites for accurate information.

Unfortunately, there is a shortage of ABA therapists in public school systems across the United States. These professionals are crucial to student success because they not only map out plans for individual improvement, but they also incorporate parents and their home lives in order to see that the student makes progress in all environments.

ABA therapists will also be able to assist families in determining what therapies and treatments are covered by Medicaid or other insurance benefits. In order to remain compliant with the IDEA act, public schools must hire ABA therapists into their staff. At Therapia Staffing, we can find the perfect fit for your skillset within our pool of ABA positions.