Do you want to hire more healthcare professionals for your facility?

If so, you’re probably wondering whether to hire directly or through a staffing agency. The latter is, without a doubt, the better choice. This is because qualified candidates are more likely to use staffing agencies as opposed to applying directly to a facility.

Here is why:

Working with a staffing firm is fast

A staffing agency usually learns about job openings before a healthcare facility posts them on their job site. Therefore, they hear about new opportunities long before candidates are aware of the job positions. Additionally, once you provide a staffing firm with your information, sending it to a facility for consideration is fast and straightforward.

A staffing agency can match you to your right position and skills

Typically, a staffing firm has more information about an open job opportunity than a candidate or what is listed online. Hence, an agency is in a better position to match you to the right job based on your skills, knowledge, and experience.

Staffing agencies can match you with the right position to suit your preferences and skills

When you apply directly to a facility, your resume goes through an applicant tracking system, which can be challenging. Luckily, a staffing firm can bypass this, making sure your details go directly to the hiring manager.

The staffing agency lists you on their database

When a facility doesn’t select you for a specific position, your details remain in the staffing agency’s database. This way, the staffing firm can choose to contact you when another job position opens up.

You can receive benefits when working through a staffing agency

Per diem workers and travel nurses move around frequently. Hence, it’s challenging for them to qualify for benefits directly through facilities. But, when you work for a specific staffing agency as a travel nurse, you qualify for benefits once you’ve met the requisite number of days.

A smart candidate knows the job they want, and that is through a staffing firm. Therefore, to find the best candidate for your healthcare facility, it’s wise to partner with a staffing agency specializing in healthcare.

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