The concept of work-life balance is familiar to many people. However, even when you’ve heard this term repeatedly in your life, you might also have absorbed some misinformation along with it. Uncovering the truth and shedding the myths can help you to actually achieve a realistic work-life balance.

1. You’re lazy if you want a work-life balance.

You’ve probably had at least one or two people suggest that if you want to balance out your work and your life, you must be lazy. Desiring a work-life balance doesn’t mean that you want to sit home on the couch while watching the television all day. For passionate and prolific people, balancing out these two areas of life means that they want to pursue a rewarding career and explore their hobbies and interests and have time for loved ones. Nothing is lazy about those desires.

2. You must have a perfectly equal amount of each.

Another myth is that you need to have exactly the same amount of work and life in your existence. Imagine how tedious it would be to plan out exactly eight hours of work, eight hours of life and eight hours of sleep each day. You may find that you actually enjoy if the scale leans a bit more toward one side.

3. You need to have the exact same schedule each day.

Setting a routine is an important part of creating a work-life balance. Without a plan, you are sure to discover that one area quickly takes over your existence. On the other hand, a strict schedule with no room for flexibility doesn’t necessarily demonstrate your strongest skills either. Part of achieving a work-life balance is knowing that some days may require an extra hour on the job while other days will let you get in more time with your loved ones.

4. One failure defines you.

Many people set out to create a better balance and encounter struggles along the way. You may find that you make many mistakes, especially in your early days of trying to balance these two areas of life. However, another important component of success is recovering from your mistakes and getting back on course.

Creating a work-life balance isn’t the easiest task, and doing so can prove particularly difficult when you believe in myths. Remove these myths from your life. Also, consider working for Therapia as you start developing your plan toward a healthier balance.