Therapia puts YOU at the heart of it all

At Therapia, our clinicians are at the heart of everything we do. We know that school-based clinicians are passionate about their work and their students and it’s our mission to find them fulfilling assignments.

To ensure we provide the best service possible, we’re always checking in with our school-based clinicians about the quality of their assignments. They have said that working with us and our school partners across the country has been enjoyable, welcoming, supportive, friendly, and rewarding, but you don’t have to take our word for it – hear from a few of our clinicians about their assignment experience as well as working with Therapia Staffing!

Clinician Reviews

“Therapia has been excellent and supportive throughout the last two school years. I have enjoyed being a member of this staffing company!” – Courtney W.

“Exciting environment where things are changing rapidly – be on your toes. There are lots of problem-solving opportunities here.” – Jonathan L.

“The district is made up of a very supportive and close-knit community of employees that join to support the kids. The district is growing at a fast pace, and they are doing their best to accommodate and expand resources.” – Marissa H.

“The culture is diverse, friendly, team-focused with a community of family. This was a great assignment, my experience has been one of profound growth and building relationships with our students and my co-workers, and Therapia went above and beyond to support me in this assignment! Excellence at its best.” – Tiffany P.

“Everyone is approachable and easy to talk to when you need something.” – Isaiah R.

“Clear expectations and support from team lead and administration. I always feel heard.” – Debora Z.

“The staff and others are very friendly and helpful. They are a great group of people to work with. The assignment itself has been challenging with the pandemic and the learning curve is ever-changing. But overall, enjoyable, especially the kids.” – Karen P.

“It is a very positive and encouraging culture. I love it!” – Ian R.

“Therapia is wonderful and very supportive!!!!!” – Julie G.

“Overall, it has been a good experience. This is my second assignment and my first full-time position. I have had full support from both the district and Therapia Staffing and communication on all fronts. My concerns were always addressed and efforts for resolutions were always made.” – Sally S.

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With access to both Local or Travel contracts, our nationwide partnerships offer you the flexibility to choose where, when, and how you’ll help change the lives of the individuals you work compassionately alongside. There are hundreds of opportunities, from large school systems to small districts, rural towns or urban settings, we work tirelessly to find the perfect assignment for your needs and professional goals.

We hope to work with you next school year!